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    Fort Devens, MA Local Information

    Fort Devens is located in a small community known as Devens, Massachusetts, population 1,840. Devens is considered a part of the nearby towns of Ayer (population 7,430) and Shirley (7,210), in Middlesex County, north of base. The town of Harvard (6,520) is just east of base and is located in Worcester County, so Fort Devens can be considered a part of both counties. Other nearby communities include Lancaster (8,055), Leominster (40,760), Groton (10,650), and Littleton (8,920). Worcester is the closest major city and, with a population of 181,045, it is the second largest (behind Boston) in New England.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average price to rent a home in the Ayer-Shirley area ranges from about $670 to $940, with a median of about $800 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average cost to purchase a home in Middlesex County is about $420,800, compared to Massachusetts at $334,100. The cost in Worcester County is about $282,800.

    Short Description of the Area: The towns of Ayer and Shirley are often referred to as one area called Ayer-Shirley, especially since they share a regional school system, and are located in central Massachusetts. Fort Devens is 38 miles west of Boston at the western edge of what are still considered Boston suburbs. The smaller communities here are fairly rural and many farms still exist; however Worcester (pronounced Woos-ter), Fitchburg (population 40,318), and Leominster are some of the most populated cities in New England. Hanscom AFB is in nearby Bedford, MA, about 26 miles east of Devens.

    Climate and Weather: The climate of New England can be temperamental and change quickly. The summers are usually humid and can be hot, while winters are cold and snowy. The average high temperature in July is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low is 58. During January, the average high is 32 degrees with a low of 11. This area receives about 48 inches of rain every year and nearly 65 inches of snow. One big Nor'easter storm can account for a lot of the snow accumulation for the whole winter. While hurricanes and tornadoes have happened here historically, they are quite rare.