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    Fort Devens, MA - Educational Services


    Preschools are located in the towns surrounding Devens. Most programs offer a 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day program. Hours range from 0530/0700 - 1730. Proof of immunizations and health is a must.

    Army Community Service has a list of approved day care providers, provided and updated monthly by the Massachusetts Office for Children. Providers need to be licensed with the state and subject to unannounced home visits.


    There is a half-day pre-K and a full day (5 hour) Kindergarten and grade one program, with before and after school care in the former Fort Devens Child Development Center. The school department of the neighboring town of Shirley is offering MA this program. Any Kindergarten or grade one student residing in MA can enroll in this program under the Massachusetts School Choice program. There is no charge for the school portion of the program.

    The starting time for the before school care program is 0700, and the after school program ends at 1800 from August to June. Information can be obtained by calling the Shirley, MA school department at (978) 425-2630. Registration can be accomplished at the Main Office, Laura White School, Lancaster Street, Shirley, and MA.

    There are no high schools on Devens. High Schools are located in the community where service members relocate.

    The state minimums are 4 years of English, 3 years of social studies, 2 years of math and 2 years of science. However, most students take 4 years in each of the above subjects.

    Colleges and Universities

    Atlantic Union College , Fitchburg State College, University of MA Lowell and Western New England College provide a variety of educational opportunities within a 30 minute commuting distance of Devens. Western New England College offers a selection of courses taught on Devens toward various Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees.

    In the Greater Boston area, a 45-minute to one-hour commute in non-rush hour traffic, there are over fifty colleges and universities to choose from. Massachusetts state colleges charge in-state tuition rates for military and their dependents. Some state colleges offer free tuition to active duty military. The free tuition policy varies between state colleges. Interested persons should call their state college of choice and request information from that college.

    Adult or Continuing Education

    Boston, Massachusetts is the mecca of higher learning institutions. It boasts such names as Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University and Brandies University just to name a few. Check the website for information on all the colleges in Boston.

    University of Massachusetts Lowell, Atlantic Union College, Fitchburg State College, and Mount Wachusett Community College provide a variety of educational opportunities in this area. Western New England College offers a limited selection of courses taught on Devens. These and other colleges offer a broad range of two year, four year, Masters degree and certificate programs. In the Greater Boston area, a 45 min. commute in non-rush hour traffic, there are over 50 colleges and universities to choose from.


    Active duty and AGR soldiers should address education related questions to the Army Education Center, Building 666, 30 Quebec Street, Devens, MA at 978-796-2354. The center services soldiers in all the New England States

    Services offered are the following:

    - Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
    - A full range of testing opportunities such as CLEP, DANTES, ACT, SAT
    - AARTS Transcripts
    - Veterans Education Benefits information
    - Army Personnel Testing to include language
    - Financial information and resources